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Job Title: Level 3 Systems Engineer
Job Type: Full Time
Location: Australia - Perth
Industry: IT- Networks & Systems Administration
Job Published: 09/08/2019
Job ID: 380709_4
Key Selling Points:
Short Description:
Enjoy doing projects and high level support and admin work? Reasonable Networking and Sys Engineering skills? Work closely with the end client.

Job Description

  • Culture - busy, fun, progressive
  • Go deep with the tech you love, they'll back you.
  • Dynamic and different attitude to IT services

We're excited because our client (Catalytic IT) really does things a little differently to most IT companies. Here's how:

  • They back their engineers to grow their skills in the engineer's area of interest
  • They work closely with their clients by having senior engineers working inside the end client's IT team 
  • Their is a variety of work at different client sites but you are likely to be spending at least one day per week on a different client site
  • All work is performed onsite at the client and mainly these are schools or medical or professional companies - making a difference! 

If you are passionate about IT and have level 3 server admin and project experience, you won't want to miss this opportunity.

Genuine Level 3 Systems Admin role

  • Nail project after project and get quick wins with small projects each week 
  • Provide escalated support to other members of the client's IT team
  • Have the advantage of being employed by the IT company with good support from other tech people

Attention to detail, doing a job well, and being on top of your game technically are all essential attributes for this role. You will need to have outstanding customer service communication skills be able to work autonomously and have solid, broad tech skills.

Reasonable experience with the following technologies are needed or desired–

  • Windows Desktops in AD environments
  • Windows Server 2008 - 2016 - admin/install experience
  • Exchange 2007 - 2013 - install/admin
  • Office 365 experience - support/admin/migration
  • Active Directory, Group Policy
  • Wireless audits, deployments, troubleshooting
  • Good network troubleshooting skills
  • Virtualisation experience
  • Apple products and education experience, helpful not essential
  • insert your specialisation and passion here - we want it!

To meet the soft skill requirements of this role, you will have most of the following:

  • Must enjoy people - the human type - you're in front of the client all the time
  • Be efficient but you won't have to worry about where to charge every minute, because you'll be onsite at the client
  • Can work without direction and self -motivated, this is a senior role
  • Enjoy your work and life - Eeyore tendencies won't fit in here
  • work hard, play hard and who knows where you'll end up as part of the social club.

I guess the key thing here is breadth of skills and a real keenness to nail projects and work amongst different client IT teams and impress them. 

Strong experience with things like Windows 10 Upgrade roll out SOE projects, AD clean up, Audit and security, Airwatch MDM, Bitlocker encryption and many more sys admin style projects will put you in the best position for this role.  

So challenge me - hit me with your resumes people.. prove to me you have what it takes. Apply below for the role, we're recruiting for this role exclusively on behalf of Catalytic IT. 

Daniel Linden @ Transparency