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Job Title: Senior Systems Engineer - Managed Services
Job Type: Full Time
Location: Australia - Perth
Industry: IT- Networks & Systems Administration
Salary: $80k - $100k plus super
Job Published: 12/10/2020
Job ID: 417882_10
Key Selling Points:
  • Key technical position in an IT company
  • Great variety of work and opportunity to grow
  • Take the lead, do the projects, be the escalation point
Short Description:
Genuine Windows Server experience? Able to troubleshoot complex problems? Worked for an IT company (MSP) doing support and projects?

Job Description

  • Key technical position in an IT company
  • Great variety of work and opportunity to grow
  • Take the lead, do the projects, be the escalation point

We're big on intuition here at Transparency... one might even say ESP, or the ancient dark art of mind reading (how dark depends on whose mind we are reading...) so when I called a client to see what jobs they had on it was no surprise to me to hear I caught him in the middle of a meeting about the need for the next Systems Engineer. So after he got over feeling a little creeped out and checked his office for bugs (the electronic type, he' s not a clean freak), he described to me the role and type of candidate they are looking for, and it went something like this....

  • Genuine senior systems engineer role
  • Strong Windows Server experience
  • Keenness to work in a Managed Services Provider
  • Microsoft Certified

Here is why you will like this role:

  • You will be supported to get further certified
  • You will have a lot of responsibility
  • Your technical prowess will be valued.

Attention to detail, doing a job well, and being on top of your game technically are all essential attributes for this role. You will need to have outstanding customer service communication skills be able to work in a team and have solid, broad tech skills. If you work for or have worked for a Managed Services Provider or IT company looking after small and mid market businesses then you are in the box seat for this role. It will involve both project and high level support work.

Reasonable Project and Support experience with the following technologies are needed or desired–

  • Windows Desktops in AD environments
  • Windows Server 2008/2012/R2
  • Exchange 2007/2010/2013 and Office 365
  • Azure and Public Cloud technologies
  • Sharepoint
  • Active Directory, Group Policy
  • Good network troubleshooting skills
  • Virtualisation experience – Hyper V / VMware – Replication, Design and Performance 
  • Project Design Experience

To meet the requirements of this role, you will have most of the following:

  • A warm yet professional manner with a genuine customer service focus.
  • Outstanding interpersonal skills at all levels of business
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Be rigorous in managing daily maintenance tasks.
  • A robust sense of humour.
  • Results driven work ethic.
  • Experience with Connectwise, Labtech, Kaseya, Nable or equivalent products, highly desirable.

I guess the key thing here is breadth of skills and a real keeness to learn and excel in a Manged Services environment.  So challenge me - hit me with your resumes people.. prove to me you have what it takes.

The Team @ Transparency