Keys to Hiring Good IT Talent

Uncovering Hidden IT Talent: Beyond the CV

As an IT agency recruiter I feel it’s my role to uncover talent my clients can’t find themselves. That’s not just about looking in less obvious places for passive talent, it’s also about asking the right questions that unearth the gold that lies beneath what’s on the CV.

One of the little daily joys I get is finding a candidate that didn’t look like a fit when reading their CV but upon doing the face to face interview and chatting through different scenarios showed that their attitude and capability to learn quickly, more than made up for a perceived deficiency in a particular technical area.

Employers can do this too. Asking the right questions, digging a little deeper, making the candidate feel comfortable enough to shine in the interview and put their best foot forward can uncover talent that wasn’t obvious from the CV.

That’s why we do recorded video interviews with our candidates. Our clients get to see exactly how they present themselves and can look beyond a skills cloud and the documented experience, to get a feel for who the person really is and whether they’re a fit.

If you’re struggling with finding the right IT people, you’ll need to look at your whole process – sourcing, shortlisting and interviewing. Good candidates might be falling through the cracks, if you’re relying solely on a CV to determine who you’ll consider for the role.

If you want to chat with me about best recruitment practices for IT positions in the Perth market at the moment, please feel free to reach out. I’m always keen to dangerously mix coffee and recruitment talk and then stand back and see the results.

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