Emerging Technology Trends - Webinar

Business Impact: Trust in Emerging Technology with Scott Waller

Advances in technology development have become one of the key forces driving change and causing disruption. Speed to market becomes critical to creating competitive advantage. 

We had a Q & A with Scott Waller – Associate Partner at EY in Perth – about how technologies like AI, Blockchain, Automation, Robotic Process Automation, Machine Learning, are relevant to the enterprise today but also the issues with implementation.

See the full webinar below where we covered interesting emerging technology trends as well as talked about:

  • Specific examples of what businesses are actually doing to transform the way they work using Emerging Technology
  • The potential pitfalls and common mistakes companies make when implementing Emerging Technology
  • The concept of Digital Trust and why it is so important when implementing cutting edge technology in an enterprise

PART 1 – Emerging Technology and its impact on businesses

Scott and I introduced ourselves and talk about the influence emerging technologies have on businesses.

PART 2 – Emerging Technology in the recruitment field

This part Scott and I walked through the impact of emerging technologies in the recruitment world and more.

PART 3 – Emerging Technology in R&D department

We also covered how R&Ds and related fields are impacted by the rise of emerging technologies.

PART 4 – Emerging Technology in data processing

We’ve also explored on how emerging technologies are making data gathering, processing and serving ever so seamless and more.

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