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Gordon St Garage – Cafe Review and surfing the wave of designer coffees

Gordon St Garage was the place, November 7th 2013 was the day… we all remember where we were on September 11, 2001 (except for my millienial generation candidates) or the day Princess Diana died (except for my gen y candidates) but today was the day I experienced ‘Pour Over’ coffee at Gordon St Garage and its going to be hard to forget.

I know what you are thinking… another new designer coffee, you guys are just coffee snobs (guilty!), if its not cat poo coffee its coffee poured at midnight on an auspicious day for Tibetans on top of Mt Everest… well Pour Over coffee is not particularly expensive or overly exotic, but it tastes goooood.

So here’ s the thing, the normal short black – a standard 30ml shot of coffee – is made by pouring hot water through tightly packed finely ground coffee for about 20 – 30 seconds. The ‘Pour Over’ Coffee method uses a filtering process which filters the coffee over a longer time period at a much lower temperature. The result being a cup of coffee with fruity, light and even sweeter flavours and without the bold bitterness that you traditionally experience with an espresso.

The guys and gals at Gordon St Garage are really friendly and will gladly answer any questions you have on it – and they have other coffee brewing methods as well and write ups on the process on their coffee menu.. cool!

I really enjoyed my cup of Pour Over, I reckon it was about 100ml of black coffee, which normally would be too bitter and strong for me to handle but this tasted fruity and light and was smooth to drink. It certainly didn’t feel like it was putting hairs on your chest with every sip and still has a higher caffeine content than brewing coffee almost any other way.

As for what we thought of Gordon St Cafe – just go and see for yourself. What they have done with that old garage is truly remarkable. Very hip, very cool, very funky. The guys I was there with – Chris and Alfa from Reseau ( Cisco specialists to the stars, certainly appreciated it, being style meisters themselves!

Gordon St Garage – – Great service, Beautiful Food, Spectacular Coffee roasted onsite and brewed various ways – and the most awesome little cakey, petit four type things to have with your coffee.

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