MS Power Automate

MS Power Automate Review – A Must for IT Managers or Business Systems Analyst?

I had another look at MS Power Automate recently.

I’m so blown away by the power of this product now. I last looked at it about 3 years ago and boy has it got so much easier to use.

I’ve already written a bunch of flows to automate things in my business with just a few hours of work last night.

Any IT manager or business systems analyst who isn’t across this kind of tech is seriously missing a trick. It’s a great way to ingratiate yourself to your users by listening to a pain point of theirs and solving a user problem, and avoiding a problem user.

I’m also so surprised I don’t see more candidates that have depth in Power Automate or Power Apps.

And MSP’s you’re really missing out if you don’t have someone on staff dedicated to developing these developer light type solutions for your clients.

Between Power Automate, Power Apps, low code tech and now AI, there’s so much added value to be given to clients beyond infrastructure and fix-it services. This is the stuff that has a provable ROI as well.

Add AI into the mix (Microsoft is going there) and I can see the flows being easier to create and the automation being far more nuanced.

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