IT Career Sweet Spot

Are You Hitting the Intersecting Sweet Spot in Your IT Career?

I sometimes do career or entrepreneurship talks for kids in schools or tafe and aside from the stories I tell, one thing that always resonates is this Venn diagram. It’s very simple but it makes the point. Other similar concepts like ‘Ikigai’ have since become popular which are also helpful.

Your IT career should have the following:

Joy – it helps if you love what you do and it provides meaning.

Flow – do you get lost in your work.. where did that 8 hours go?

Money – can you get paid appropriately for doing it?

I know for a lot of IT people I meet, the flow side of it can be very strong. There’s something about writing that script, or troubleshooting that complex problem that can so totally take over the mind that nothing else really matters in that moment.. which tends to go for hours at a time.

So, the question is, are you hitting the intersecting sweet spot in your IT career? Let me know through the comment section below.

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