Streak App for IT People

Streak App as a Habit Tracker for IT People

So I’ve begun using the Streaks app as a habit tracker to supercharge my day and here’s my impression.

So far so good, and I think it would be highly valuable for IT people wanting to stick to a study/certification regime.

Why I like it?

  1. It’s simple – set up the habits you want to track. Mark them as done when done. Try not to break the chain is the general principle.
  2. There’s built in timers.. so if you’re wanting to do 10 minutes of IT cert study per day, hit the timer and it’ll mark it as done at the end.
  3. It’s a cross-platform tool. It works across all my devices. Watch, Phone, computer.

Thinking in terms of habits rather than tasks helps to release the thinking overhead that comes with task management.

Most success comes from doing a little bit of the same things everyday. If you make those little things habits, you won’t have to think about them again. They’ll become automatic.

That’s the Atomic Habits, James Clear theory anyway.. a great book to read by the way.. if you’ve developed the habit of reading a little bit every day, you’ll get through it super quick. šŸ˜Š

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