IT Jobs in Western Australia

In demand IT jobs in Western Australia

What’s hot in the IT world over here?

It may surprise you.

Not IT management roles.

Not Cybersecurity roles – unless they’re really senior.

Our top 3 roles that we find hard to fill are:

IT Support Engineer – MSP

Yes you read that right. Support engineers with client facing skills and broad technical knowledge around desktop, servers, networking and M365 technologies at level 2 or 3. Rare as rocking horse droppings.

It’s not that they’re not out there. It’s just that everyone wants them, particularly if they have MSP experience. MSP? = Managed Service Provider. An IT company supporting small to medium sized businesses with all their IT needs.

See list of IT Support Engineering jobs here.

Senior Systems Engineer – MSP

There’s a theme here. Run of the mill every day systems and support engineer roles shouldn’t be hard to fill right? Wrong, when there’s lots of MSP’s in Perth and they’re growing there’s many roles to fill and not many systems engineers that are willing and able to do client billable work. The skills we’re searching for here involve multiple small project experience with servers, networking, virtualisation and cloud. Actually being able to implement a broad range of tech solutions at small to medium sized business level. Consulting to the client or the client’s IT department.

See list of Senior Systems Engineer jobs here.

Anything with ‘Architect’ in the title.

As the name suggests, architects design things. A solution architect designs software platforms, an infrastructure architect designs the IT environment (servers, storage, OS’s etc) for large IT systems and a cloud architect designs the cloud environments and services used across public and private cloud providers. Think of these technical roles as the top of the tree within their field. There’s no higher technical role than an architect. To get here requires a lot of study and usually vendor certifications. Deep product knowledge and an understanding of scale and capacity. They’re always highly in demand, highly valued and highly paid.

See list of Architect related jobs here.

Other areas of note

Data, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence. While this is a growing field, the rareness in the skills is at the higher end. There’s plenty of grads around and people wanting to break into the field, not many experienced though.

So here’s my advice to progress your career. Get into an MSP role and get some solid multi-client broad technical experience. Then look to specialise in an area of your interest and go deep with it. You’ll gain skills that will always be in demand.

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