What is DevOps? – with Microsoft Architect Ben Curran

I’ve been speaking to a few candidates recently about wanting to become a DevOps engineer. I realised I didn’t know all I needed to know about DevOps people and what they do or even how easy it is to break into that area from different parts of IT. So I sat down with Ben Curran who is a Solutions Architect with Microsoft here in Perth and I asked him what DevOps actually is, what skills are required and where you go to learn what you need to learn to get a job as a DevOps Engineer.

I hope you enjoy it and learn a lot from it.

He also provided a list of resources to check out, which are shown below.

  • Microsoft Learn – Good for learning about Microsoft technologies, also the main documentation hub. Has Learning Paths for several topics as well as for certification paths.
  • A Cloud Guru (now part of Pluralsight) – Was my go to for learning Cloud, also has learning resources for Linux. There is a free tier which includes a rotating set of courses useful for System Admins and Cloud Admins.
  • Network Chuck (YouTube Channel) – Good resource for more real world sysadmin work, also goes a little into ethical hacking, but networking, linux and docker resources are great. Plenty of free content but also a paid premium set of courses with deep dives.
  • DevOps Roadmap – Good overview with a pathway through the skillset you’ll need to be an effective DevOps engineer in the long term. Not a checklist, you don’t have to catch them all. But have an idea and know the concepts around most of the main line and expertise in some of it. They also have some good other roadmaps for other specialties like Front End Dev, Back End Dev or Solution Architect.
  • DevOps vs SRE – A great explainer of how DevOps and SRE are related and compliment each other.

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