Remote Support Tool – Connectwise over Teamviewer

I did a trial of Connectwise Control and I didn’t realise Connectwise did standalone products like that.

So far, I far prefer it to Teamviewer, which I have been using as a remote support tool to look after the school I volunteer at… (as well as Mum, Dad and various friends..) typical IT guy issue πŸ™‚

Being able to run scripts remotely and do other backend stuff without having to interrupt the user – game changer. Deploy it to endpoints easily through intune. Same price as Teamviewer but better.

Same price as Teamviewer but better.

After all this time interviewing MSP candidates and asking them about their Connectwise skills it never occurred to me that their remote support product was available standalone.

So look at me MSP peoples.. I use Connectwise too!

Ok, ok back to the recruiting day job… and by the way if you are looking for an IT job in Western Australia, see job vacancies here or reach out to me if you’re targeting an IT position not on the list.

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