Using AI in Recruitment – The Problem I See

Like everyone I’ve been playing around with Chat GPT.… and here’s the problem in a nutshell when it comes to using AI in recruitment.

It learns from all the other recruiter crap that’s already out there on the internet. Impersonal, overselling and full of words like ‘amazing’, ‘exciting’ and your ‘perfect’ or ‘dream’ job.

This is just what we need. Bots that will now automatically create impersonal reach out messages and generic, vanilla content that lacks thought or creativity but will be emphasised with lots of exclamation marks!

That said, if you’re looking for your next exciting dream job, that perfectly matches your skills, will be a great career move for you and an amazing opportunity and a new challenge that you’ll love.. then you know who to book an appointment with!

My AI bots are waiting to here from you!

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