Getting Promoted in the IT Industry

What IT people can do to get promoted – Attitude

I’ve employed a lot of technically talented people in my time, but it’s not always the talented people that get their career fast tracked.

When I look back at all the people I have hired over time and analyse the ones who got promotions and were easy to work with and made a real difference to the company, it always comes back to one common element. A positive attitude towards work, people and getting things done.

What does a positive attitude look like?

It is a ‘can do’ attitude, it’s the person that says yes first and then analyses the ‘how’ and almost always finds a way to get it done. It’s the person who looks for the good in others rather than the snarky sceptic who’s always untrusting and negative as their default position.

When it comes to team meetings they’re the ones who will take every idea that is put forward seriously, rather than voicing all the reasons why they ‘know’ it will never work. They believe that there’s no stupid questions and no stupid ideas and they value their colleagues for them.

Sure there’s always room for opposing views in team meetings, it’s healthy and it’s true that not all ideas are good ideas or are feasible. But if you value your career as a team player then know this, someone in management will notice your positivity and the effect it has on the team. They always do. It stands out.

I’ve seen far too many IT prima donna’s, who believe that their solution is the only right one, only there’s will work and every other IT person proposing a solution are an existential threat. Bollocks! In my experience these people are the most expendable and the sooner they are moved on the better. Their insecurities are holding the team and the business to ransom, not the other way around.

Don’t be that negative nancy that is continually shooting down everyone else’s ideas as soon as they’ve aired them. Show support first. Throw around the idea, add to it and imagine the end result if it was a success. Then as appropriate provide some realism and outline some of the risks involved with it.

Don’t throw stones, use them to build, then watch your career grow. Reach out for more IT career guidance.

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